Introvert, Networking: A little good news

Hey friends! Thanks to the bajillions of you who came by last week. I hope you liked what you read enough to come back again.

This is just a quickie–I’m up to my eyeballs in end of the semester teaching stuff–but I realized I didn’t do my weekly job search post, so I wanted to check in.

Good news! I sent off an application for a job I came across on craigslist about a week and a half ago, and lo and behold, I have a Skype interview on Wednesday. It’s a part-time, temporary gig, but the kind of work that could really look good on my resume and beef up some skills I’ve been wanting to work on. I’m stoked.

Crossing my fingers for a successful Skype interview, but in the meantime, it’s exciting to have a cold, online application result in a conversation. Anything’s possible!

Who’s got tips on how to Skype like a champ? Maybe I’ll compile them for next week’s post.

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2 thoughts on “Introvert, Networking: A little good news

  1. Anne says:

    No personal experience with Skype interviews, but have heard lots of advice via hanging out with grad students. Most importantly, have a nice clear non-distracting background (if you’re sitting at your kitchen table, clear away those breakfast dishes from three days ago!), make sure distractions are kept to a minimum (shut the door on the cat… she WILL jump on the table and put her butt right in front of the camera, and as it turns out, cats are opaque), wear appropriate clothes (at least the part of you that can be seen), speak clearly, and don’t worry if you have to use a headset that makes you look like a dork – it’s better to be dorky-looking and audible than to have a perfect ‘do but they can’t quite make out what you’re saying. Also, have pen and paper handy so you can take notes, and if there are time zone differences, make sure you double and triple check the time on your end and on theirs. Good luck!!

  2. Hey awesome Sara! Congratulations and good luck. Oh, and don’t wear pyjamas on the bottom… because you never know when you might have to get up from your chair for something unexpected :)

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