Let’s Talk About Derby (Season 2, Episode 2)

I know, I just posted about derby a couple of days ago. I promise, if you subscribe to my blog because I’m a poet and a grad student, I’ll get back to that soon enough.


So, I saw Roe (our sports medicine person / athletic trainer) last night at practice, and she had good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news: she told me to go skate so she could watch me. About a half hour later when I came back to ask her what she thought, she said she forgot to watch. What does this mean? That I blend in…I don’t skate like I’m injured anymore. Yay.

Then the bad news. I told Roe about my pain problems (45 minutes skating = ouch, 2 hour practice = impossible) and she said I’m not allowed to sprint or jump (along with several other things that I mentioned caused me pain) until I can skate laps and basic agility for a full 2 hours without pain. We didn’t discuss it, but I assume contact is also on the list of forbidden activities.

What this means, dear reader, is that I am at a stand still with minimum skills until my pain is gone and my ankle gets strong enough to keep up. I’ve already passed all the skills that don’t involve jumping, sprinting, or contact.

This makes me beyond sad, beyond frustrated. I get it, I do. I want to be strong enough to do the basics before I do the complicated/high impact stuff so I’m less likely to injure myself. But I really wanted to be learning how to play real roller derby in the next couple weeks and that doesn’t seem likely to happen anymore.

Roe gave me a bunch of strengthening exercised and told me to get back on my PT routine of squats, lunges, resistance band stuff with my ankle, and icing icing icing. Another step back, it feels like, but in all honesty I never should have quit that daily routine to begin with.

Let’s think positive for a moment. Maybe when I stop doing the things Roe told me to stop doing, I won’t have as much pain. Maybe it will only be a week or two of no sprinting and no jumping.


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Derby (Season 2, Episode 2)

  1. Mom says:

    Just start working on what Roe told you and think positive. I’m sure in no time you will be doing all the other things!

  2. Ankles are tricky, tricky, tricky. I too have been depressed by the one step forward, two steps back of ankle therapy – I think I’m not progressing fast enough, but I’ve also pushed myself and been sorry for it, so I think following her advice is smart. Better not to reinjure – as I did several times before I figured it out – and you’ll get better faster if you go slow and steady.
    Getting yourself back into shape to skate for two hours is pretty ambitious! Most people – even without injuries – can’t do that! So pat yourself on the back for your improvements, and attack the things you can do.

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